Our Story 

It all begins...

over 10 years ago when I was a waitress at the Four Seasons Hotel. I was looking for change and to prove to my young children that you can do anything you put your mind to. Luckily for me, one of my customers was hiring a sales person and offered me work at his chocolate factory. Just the smell of the chocolate was all I needed to leave the hotel and start my new career. During my employment, I created the Truffle Pig brand of chocolates! In 2007, I bought the brand and ventured out on my own. Now, many years later, my kids are most proud of the fact that I have made an ethical stand to source my ingredients transparently, directly, and sustainably.  

Shelley Wallace
Founder of Truffle Pig


We're on a mission to sweeten the world with our chocolate! We proudly source our cacao directly from farmers with strong human values and pay them a premium above world market prices. Our Central American cacao is grown wildly, beyond organic, without the use of fertilizers or pesticides. We have gone above and beyond to make sure our chocolate is made as ethically and deliciously as possible!

What makes us so sweet?

Above and Beyond Practices

We believe you deserve to know where your cocoa comes from; therefore we have created a completely transparent supply chain with traceable ingredients. But most importantly, we pay over world market prices so our farmers do not have to resort to slavery. Learn more about why we use direct trade.

Wildly Grown & Sustainable

Our Central American cacao is grown wildly, beyond organic, without the use of fertilizers or pesticides. We chose not to ask our farmers to organic certify their farms due to the fact that they cannot afford it. Most of our farmers own two acre parcels of land which they grow food for their family including cacao. The cacao has been on their farm for centuries. 

Our Adorable Pigs

When we decided to create a truffle chocolate bar we researched where the word truffle originated from. What we learned is that truffles are a rare mushroom found in the forest. To find these unique delicacies, pigs are used because they have an innate ability to sniff out these exotic treats. Understanding that chocolate truffles and truffles have nothing in common, we decided to have a little fun and bring these two ideas together, thus creating β€œThe Truffle Pig”.